Life today is complicated. This is especially true if you or a family member are anticipating an upcoming surgery or are living in pain because of a condition or disease. Your situation is unique – and any decision you make needs to be one that is informed and takes your clinical needs and personal preferences into consideration. We are here to offer you information and support. Understanding your nursing and rehabilitation center options is the first step to making a good decision. We encourage you to review this information and visit with us to see for yourself the look of our quality care.

    Check out our library of articles below. Please contact us for additional questions you may have.

    • Tips for Choosing a Nursing Center
      June 20, 2013
      Choosing a nursing center for a loved one can be daunting and charged with emotion and anxiety. For many families, it represents the culmination of a difficult period during which a loved one has faced health struggles, and can feel overwhelming and even surreal. When it comes to choosing a nursing center, there are four important factors to consider, according to U.S. News & World Report. They are... Read More
    • What You KNEE-D to Know about Recovery from Knee Replacement
      February 14, 2013
      Your doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery if you experience severe pain, stiffness and limited mobility due to arthritis or other degenerative conditions in your knee or knees. A knee replacement is recommended as a last resort after other, less invasive, more conservative treatments have been tried. These might include medications, injections and arthroscopic surgery. If these treatments... Read More
    • Going Home and Staying Home: Good Planning Makes Transitions Safer and Easier
      January 17, 2013
      Being discharged home from a skilled nursing facility is exciting, but it can also be scary. What if you forget to take all of your medications? How will you keep track of doctors’ appointments? Are you ready to resume all of your daily activities? What if your family has trouble coping with your illness? Does your caregiver have all of the information he or she needs to help you? Discharge planners and social workers... Read More
    • Regaining the Abilities to Speak and Swallow are Among Stroke Recovery’s Biggest Challenges
      December 20, 2012
      A recent study in Canada found that an alarming number of people are not aware of one of stroke’s most common and challenging consequences: aphasia, a communication disorder affecting speech, reading, writing and comprehension... Read More
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